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Why Frame a T-Shirt?

Why frame a t-shirt in the first place you might ask?  Well, the answer to that is to create art.  A meaningful, personal piece of art that preserves your lifetime memories rather than letting them get stacked up in your closet.

It’s great for concert t-shirts, favorite sports team shirts, youth sport jerseys, school shirts, special event shirts, youth organization shirts, vacation shirts, funny shirts,and more.  They make a great gift or conversation piece for family and friends and a wonderful centerpiece for your game room, family room, man cave, kids bedroom, music studio, gym or bar. 

You can preserve a great shirt before it gets damaged or turn shirts that have been outgrown or ruined with pit stains, food stains, holes, or fading into memorable wall decoration.

When searching for a tee shirt frame, be sure to find one that is easy to use and won't require you to to cut or destroy your shirt with scissors or pins. 

By framing your t shirt yourself, you’ll save money by not spending hundreds of dollars for a custom framer to frame it professionally.

Be leery of cheap, frame alternatives that are marketed as shirt frames.  Many are low quality, poorly assembled and do not make it easy to frame a shirt.

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