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Shart.com Shart® T Shirt Display Frame Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Shart.com Shart® T Shirt Display Frame Affiliate Program. 

We are looking for affiliate advertising partners interested in marketing the patented Shart® T-Shirt Frame.  This includes business owners, bloggers, webmasters, social media influencers, marketers, search affiliates and anyone else looking for a fun, high quality product backed by a family business dedicated to outstanding customer service.

Shart.com Shart T-Shirt Display Frame Affiliate Program Join Here

Shart.com is an Ecommerce site that sells our, best-selling patented Shart® Original T-Shirt Display Frame as well as our custom made, Shart® Premium T-Shirt Frames.

We are a small, family business located in Louisville, KY and are in our fifth year of business. We are very proud of our products and customer service as you can see on the Customer Reviews page of our website (https://shart.com/pages/customer-reviews). Please also check us out on Facebook @shartme.

Our Original frames sell for $44.90 which includes free shipping and our Premium frames sell for $83.49. Our average sale is $75.00.


We play a flat commission of 8% for all purchases made on our website by customers using your affiliate link.

Additionally, we have a second tier commission that pays $.03 for each NEW visitor you send to our website.

Commissions are paid within 30 days of purchase using Paypal.

To ensure the quality of our partners, new affiliates do require the approval of Shart.com.

Affiliate links DO NOT EXPIRE unless Shart.com suspects fraudulent or unethical behavior by an affiliate.

We hope you'll find our company and products both unique and fun and your affiliate relationship with us profitable. We look forward to partnering with you!

Shart.com Shart T-Shirt Display Frame Affiliate Program Join Here

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