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Get to Know the Sharts
The Shart Family in large yellow dresses jumping up and celebrating the grand opening of Shart.com
Sherman and Sheryl Shart representing Shart.com at music festivals including Bonnaroo, Forecastle and Pilgrimage

Our Story

The Story of the Sharts
The Biggest Pile of Sharts in the World - Shart Original T-Shirt Frames in the basement of Shart.com Headquarters

Our Video History (The Musical)

Why Shart Exists...A Love Story

Why Shart?

The Shart Original T-Shirt Frame was selected for the 2013 and 2017 Runner's World Gift Guide for Runners
The Shart T-Shirt Frame is patented. U.S. Patent No. 9,296,552 B2
The Sharts at the Shark Tank Casting Call after Making Video Sumbission Round in 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2021
The Sharts own U.S. Trademark No. 4,397,731 for the term Shart
We have over 500,000 Views on You Tube
Custom Ink quote relating to Shart.com and Shart T-Shirt Frames


Our Mission

We Believe
T-Shirts Represent
And Memories
Should Be
Cherished and Preserved
Our Goal is to Help You Preserve Those Memories
We are Shart
We are music lovers (dudley taft pictured)
And Big Sports Fans
We Build the Highest Quality Frames
The Shart Original T-Shirt Frame has real glass, elegant black gesso finish and includes the pateneted Shart® Foam Insert.

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