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Deftones T-Shirt with Sexy Tattooed Girl framed in Shart Premium Round T-Shirt Frame from

What is the Difference between your Original and Premium T-Shirt Frames?

We Have Five Types of Shart Premium T-Shirt Frames

Purchase a Premium Frame

Black Square

Sold out

White Square

Sold out

Wood Square

Sold out

Black Round

Sold out

Purchase the Fat Daddy Premium Black Square Frame

Why is the Fat Daddy Premium Frame

so expensive?


Our Fat Daddy frame is our original Premium Frame. Due to the "fat" width of the frame face, it is extremely difficult to join together in an 11x14 Frame...even for our 30-year master framers.


We actually stopped selling these for a while, due to the additional labor and wasted moulding, but we have many customers that prefer the "fat" face and so we wanted to still make it available for those who wanted one.


Sold out

Premium Frames are also available in 4-Packs

$360.99 to $508.99

Do Premium Frames Include UV Filtering Glass?

Shart Premium T-Shirt Frames can be upgraded to Acrylic Clear OP-3 UV Filtering Acrylic for a $20 Upcharge


2014 Portland Marathon Finisher T-Shirt displayed in a Shart Premium White Square T-Shirt Frame from


"Hello Todd! Its Linda. Stephen is my husband. Our son just left the shirt in my care when he visited 2 weeks ago & I wanted to preserve it so sent for your frame. He is in LA/ Palm Springs. So easy to do & he was surprised when I sent him a picture. Said that was a pretty fancy frame for an old ratty tee! But he is especially proud of that day! Thanks for replying!"


  -Linda T.


#portland #portlandmarathon #portlandmarathon2014

Deftones T-Shirt with Sexy Tattooed Girl framed in Shart Premium Round T-Shirt Frame from


"Got this vintage T as a gift for secret Santa at work. Was so excited to find that you offer such a specific product that will ensure we can enjoy this keepsake for years to come!!! Love This Shart, lol, and you certainly have earned my loyalty. Such a quality piece. Will be sure to spread the word!!


  -Jason S.






Thanks @shermanshart for helping to make the perfect Father’s Day gift!


  -Liz F.


#PatrickMahomes #Mahomes #chiefs

Xavier University tee shirt framed in Shart Premium White  T-Shirt Frame from


Thanks again for all your kind help with this project. The shirt fit great and it was a very sentimental and meaningful tribute for my fiancé's father. His (rather faded) sweatshirt is now memorialised as it deserves to be and hopefully will be preserved for many more years to come. Thanks again

-Kiran T.


#xavier #xu #xavieruniversity

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