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Premium Frames

What is the difference between your Original Frames and your Premium Frames?
Shart Original Frame vs. Shart Premium Frame...Both Include Patented Insert

Shart Original Frame vs. Premium FrameShart Original Frame Description
Shart Premium Frame Description

We Have Three Types of Shart Premium T-Shirt Frames

 All are 11x14 and include a Patented Polyethylene Foam Insert
Shart Premium T-Shirt Frames

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Shart Premium Square T-Shirt Frame

Shart Premium White T-Shirt Frame

Shart Premium Round T-Shirt FrameShart Premium T-Shirt Frame 4-PackShart Premium T-Shirt Frame 10-Pack

Do Premium Frames Include UV Filtering Glass?

Our Premium T-Shirt Frames DO NOT come with UV Protected acrylic glass, but can be upgraded to Acrylic Clear OP-3 Ultraviolet (UV) Filtering acrylic glass for a $20 upchare. 

Please email info@shart to order Premium Frames with OP-3. 

You can upgrade our Premium Frames to UV Filtering OP-3 Acrylic Glass

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