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We are, a small family startup from Louisville, KY in business since 2012.  Our goal is to sell the highest quality, best designed T-Shirt Frames and Upcycling Products on the market and provide industry-setting customer service.  We appreciate you visiting our site and hope you enjoy our products and our story.  Please say hello if you see us at concert or sporting event near you.  Thanks again.



Woodstock 1994
Woodstock 1994


No Scissors 

Wife TAKES SCISSORS to my FAVORITE Woodstock 1994 T-Shirt to put in this frame as a gift to me.  I LOVED IT…UNTIL, I found out she had to cut my tee shirt in order to fit in into the frame.


We search the internet for a well-made, well designed T-Shirt Frame that doesn’t require you to
destroy your t-shirt, but nothing we purchase is high quality or makes it easy.  Wheels begin turning!  Prototyping begins and, after MANY failed attempts, our Foam Insert was born.

How it Works

2013 domain is purchased and site is launched

Original Website

The Story Behind the Name:  Once we developed our shirt frame, I began looking for the best name to set us apart from our competitors.  As I thought about what we were attempting to do, it struck me.  We were turning shirts into pieces of art.  Not too long into the process, I thought shirt art.  Naturally, that led to shart.  

My wife and I discussed it at length and we decided that it would either be the best or worst business name ever and probably nothing in between.  Additionally, after developing the product and website, we knew we would not have much left in the tank for an advertising/marketing budget.  We knew it was risky but figured it was catchy and memorable.  After some research (search term shart gets 100,000 searches per month on Google) and negotiation, I was fortunate to purchase for a reasonable price and the rest is history.

MAY 2013 

Patent Application Filed

Patent Application

Shart® Trademark Registered

Shart Trademark

DEC 2013 

Shart T-Shirt Frame is selected for the 2013 Runner’s World Gift Guide

Runner's World Shart


Startup, Sales and Social Media.  With little to no advertising budget, we begin using social media to help spread the word.  Please consider visiting, liking and sharing his page as this is our primary means, other than word of mouth, of reaching new customers. Social Media

A YOUNG inebriated man walks up to me @ForecastleMusicFestival, compliments our marketing efforts, then makes the excellent suggestion to change our logo to just in order to create curiosity.  Never got his name, but I’m very thankful for his excellent suggestion.  If you ever read this young man, please reach out so I can thank you appropriately…hope you are drinking less these days. Logo


Our daughters have an abundance of volleyball shirts.  My mom, a master seamstress, begins experimenting with fun ways to upcycle their youth sports shirts.

Shart Volleyball

Shart Upcycling Products are Launched

Shart Upcycling Products


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”) issues a Notice of Allowance for our Patent 9,296,552 B2 


We update our website to catch up with the times.  Easier to use, faster and mobile and SEO-friendly.




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