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Highest Quality. Best Design. Real Glass.

The Shart® T-Shirt Frame is the best designed DIY t-shirt frame on the market today.

Display your favorite tees with professional results in less than a minute. So easy...we patented it.

Take it from Runner's World

Shart T-Shirt Frames were selected for the 2013 and 2017 Runner's World Gift Guide for Runners.

They make excellent gifts for sports fans, music lovers, athletes, students, tee shirt fanatics and more!

Want Shart
Need Shart
Go to Have Shart
Gonna Shart
Yep, Sharted

No Need to Cut or Destroy Your Favorite Tee Shirt

Shart's Patented Framing System Protects and Preserves Your Memory

Ideal for So Many Tee Shirts

Designed to Fit Youth Medium to Any Adult Size Tee Shirt

Viewable Space through Glass is 10.5" x 13.5"

Fully Assembled and Ready to Hang

All Shart frames are easy to mount and come fully assembled and feature two pre-installed saw-tooth hangers so you can mount your piece onto any wall either horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait) in a snap

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